History - "Mashzavod" Ltd

The plant’s biography began in 1945 with foundation of “Mostopoezd No. 444” enterprise, whose activity took place during the Great Patriotic War. Its’ establishment was aimed to fast and timely solving of tasks on repair, reconstruction of railway lines, bridges and other constructive works. All activities for bridges erection, like marking, cutting, assembling & riveting and smithing were performed in the territory of the mill, where the base was located.

In 1950 the plant was recognized the best in the field of bridges construction.

In 1954, becoming an independent enterprise, the plant began producing of oil-loading cylindrical vessels, and in the course of time production of heat exchangers, columns, separators and other oil equipment was established.

Over a period of 1951-1955 the shop of oil equipment and temporary auxiliary services of the plant were constructed.

From 1955 till 1969 the production facilities were reconstructed and the shop of auxiliary equipment, forge & press shop, auxiliary shops unit, engineering building, compressing, oxygen-charging and acetylene stations were put into operation.

In 1976-1986 the following major industrial-purpose objects were built and reconstructed: production buildings, objects of transportation and storage facilities (railway lines, highways etc.), in-site engineering lines; improvement of industrial sites was performed.

In the course of development the plant was using new methods and technologies of production, was gaining experience of manufacturing of both traditional carbon steels and of the following production-applicable materials: low-alloyed stainless steels, chrome-molybdenum, inconel, duplex and other special steels, at the same time keeping the high quality of products manufacturing.

Definitely this constant striving for exploration and commissioning of new technologies, as well as the variety of materials in use laid the foundation for our further success in this field.

The unique character of our plant is that it was always producing oil products of a limited edition, and even one-of-a-king exclusive items. After collapse of the Soviet Union it helped the enterprise to survive in difficult competitive business environment. But not only this was required by the market. In order to take on a market it was necessary to reach new parameters of technical requirements, producing all equipment of high quality.

For many years technologies of industry were changing and were implemented by our enterprise, but we are still trying not to change our core traditions, that are based on a continuous guarantee of high quality standards of our goods.

Nowadays the territory of 65 hectares encloses big buildings with modern fitting out, and owing to skills and experience of our specialists it produces heavy technological equipment, that brings under control underground oil rivers and gas flowings.